Release date: TBA (I will put more details here when I'll be sure enough about them)


In Halved-Circles Mine you control group of miners exploring gigantic mine of unknown origin which was accidentally discovered 7.5 kilometers under earth surface during experimental ultra-deep mining.

To move on, you will have to operate variety of heavy mining machinery and other mine equipment like tunnel boring machines, lifts, bridge building machines, dump-trucks, elevators, hydraulic gates, various transport systems (like conveyor belts, rail wagons etc.), mining explosives, steam powered machines and many many more.

Also you will have to interact with huge, thousands of years old mechanisms found in the Mine, probably built by some unknown civilization.

HCM is 100% indie game made by one man without any third-parties involved.


- pixel-resolution destructible terrain (similar to that in classic Worms or Lemmings)
- physics simulation engine
- industrial-styled detailed graphics
- particle effects
- motion-capture based miners animations
- carefully selected and mixed sound effects
- operate dozens of variuos machines/equipment/mechanisms
- 50 big levels gradually revealing the mysterious origin of Halved-Circles Mine
- 100% indie stuff

Game is still in development!

At the moment I cannot promise any specific date. I will put it here when things get more clear and predictable. Only thing I'm sure for now is that the game will be finished - I'm working on it continuously.

Game will be available for PC Windows & Mac. Linux is also considered.